The riskiest thing a teenager will most likely do is get behind the wheel after they pass their test (let alone be driven by their peers):

1 in 5 young drivers crash in their first year of driving (post-passing their test).

Thousands of 16-24 year olds are killed or injured on UK roads every year.

95% of crashes are contributed to by attitude & behaviour, not vehicle handling skills.  

The frontal lobe of a young persons brain doesn’t fully develop until their early to mid twenties (Basically the bit responsible for: danger anticipation, risk assessment, eye scanning & impulse).

So what can you do to make sure your children are properly prepared for life on the road?

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Licience to kill

The most dangerous time for a young driver is the first 1,000 miles...

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Encourage your son/daughter’s school/college to get involved. Drive iQ has free resources for teachers and research tells us peer-to-peer discussion maximises learning. Find out more on our teachers page


Make them count

As those early miles clock up, ensure your newly qualified driver is given a gradual and staged introduction to life on the road.  Research shows this approach for the first thousand miles reduces crash risk.
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What is Drive iQ?

State of the art, award winning online software. A virtual experience of driving in all conditions that helps you to:

•  Prepare better for your lessons
•  Build on what you're being taught by your driving instructor
•  Develop skills to pass theory, hazard perception and practical tests
•  Become a better and safer driver after you’ve passed

Drive iQ covers 30 core topics including:

What is Drive iQ?


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